Tips For Harnessing Free Energy With A Magnetic Field
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Tips For Harnessing Free Energy With A Magnetic Field

Interesting and extremely beneficial tips that will bring abundance to anyone willing to invest a minimal amount of effort. The world is immersed in a space of free energy, which will eliminate the need for fossil fuels and power plants. The information is detailed enough, so that any beginner can develop their own generator that is powered off of a magnetic field.

There is a growing interest in the renewable energy industry due to increasing prices in fossil fuels and electricity. People are starting to realize the need for alternative power sources. Although solar panels have proven to be effective, they are still limited to the location of the sun. Now imagine a generator that operates continuously off of magnetism without any additional inputs.  Individuals are currently experimenting with these types of systems and are achieving phenomenal results. Enthusiast can continue reading and learn some tips to tap into this abundant source of free energy.

Principles Behind Perpetual Motion

Literally thousands of inventors have tested and built working magnet motors. These devices produce overunity results and demonstrate the so called "impossible perpetual motion". Hobbyist can achieve the same success by applying a simple principle. When two disc magnets of different sizes are attached to each other, the flux path of the magnetic field will be diverted to another direction. In other words, the larger diameter one will shield the energy from the smaller disc that is trying to complete a circuit. It will then have no choice, but to follow another path. Since magnetism never gets depleted, the shaft will continue to turn at a high rate of speed forever.

Fabrication & Materials

Permanent magnet motors are notoriously difficult to get operational due to expensive components that are required. In the case of this particular device, parts could be purchased relatively cheap from many manufacturers. The magnets can be either cobalt or ferrite with varying inner and outer diameters. Plastic materials will suffice for the cylindrical housing, which can be fabricated at home. The shaft could be of the conventional type with eddy currents taken into consideration. Clamps, bolts and hydraulics for speed control will also be necessary.

Increasing Power Output

The method listed above does not require any complicated tools or setups to increase the power output. All that is necessary is multiple sets of permanent magnets with air gaps in between them. The magnetic field from the original will exert a force on the next group in its vicinity. The result will be a rotor that spins without any input. This yields a incredible coefficient of infinity and massive amounts of free energy.


The beauty of tapping into free energy from the environment is the fact that it could be used to serve many different purposes. Open systems like this could power any vehicle and eliminate the world's dependence on fossil fuels. Generators in the kilowatt ranges, which are driven by the magnet motor would power a home with ease. If the technology is scaled down, consumers would be able to supply power to their electronic products in remote locations.

Society no longer has to allow themselves to be fed the lies about scarcity and declining oil supplies. Nature provides a abundance of resources that could be converted into electricity. By truly having a understanding of a magnetic field, one would be able to demonstrate the reality of perpetual motion that is neglected by conventional physicist. Although this device is fairly simple to get operational, caution should be taken to avoid injuries.  As long as attention is paid to the details, enthusiast can improve their lives significantly by using this advanced technology.

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